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Honesty, Inclusiveness and Holy grails.


Honesty - We wanted to create a brand that encourages and is not afraid of honesty. In a digital world of influencers and reviews at the touch of a button, we understand that the average consumer looks to their favourite influencers for advice on their next purchase. This is why we want to ensure that we get the right feedback and value the opinions of our audience and their favourite influencer and put this in the forefront of our brand. Even if this means taking constructive criticism all the way to remaking a product. We will do what it takes to ensure we are trustworthy and our audience is satisfied.


Inclusiveness - Too many times brands forget that many of us exist and forget to include us but no more. We want to ensure everyone is able to be involved in our community so if you don’t see something that you are able to get then rest assured we are probably working on it. We also want to work with your trusted influencers who look like each of you so you can see which products will work best for you. 



Holy grails- “Staples for your makeup bag” is the slogan we live by. We are here for the long run so we want to create holy grail products so even if you experiment with new products you will always come back to ours. We want to create products that can live on for years. So don’t be surprised if your little one grows up and uses the same lipstick you used x 

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